Approximately 1 in every 6 people in working age has mental health problems, such as depression or anxiety. Due to present discrimination, only 20% of these people have the chance to get a job. The current project addresses the status quo by targeting NEETs with mental health problems (long-term non-working between 25-29, incl.10% Roma and other ethnicities; their relatives, employers) who are facing difficulties not triggered by the conventional labor programs and EU programs.

The main objective of to ensure integration of young people with mental problems by exploring and introducing a methodology, innovative to the labor market. Through the establishment of “Hidden Likes” Youth Houses we will answer the problems and needs of the target group and thus, find European solutions for quality employment and increase the number of sustainable jobs. The project creates a supportive environment, in which one of the most difficult groups of NEETs will be mentored and activated on the labor market through parallel trainings with relatives, employers, specialists. A new multidimensional employment approach will be provided through a local needs research, an informal space for communication, motivation and countering isolation, support by a specialist in the new workplace and campaigns to combat stigma.

The consortium, consisting of organizations from 6 European countries, guarantees the creation of an effective approach, applicable on the global scale and in different cultural realities. The experience of the consortium attributes to a decrease in the social inequalities in Europe and strengthens the relationship between donors and participants. The results of the project will be analyzed in terms of effectiveness and applicability of the social innovations offered. All results will follow the proposed indicators. The successful implementation of the project will built grounds for an innovative, long-term strategy to be used by the consortium and interested parties.