On November 21st (Saturday) at 16:30, the annual conference of the project “LIKE – Investing in life is the key to employment” will be held. In order to comply with the anti-epidemic safety measures, the event will be held online, live on social networks.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the topic of young people’s mental health is more relevant than ever.

  • Adverse social and economic impacts of physical distancing, quarantine and isolation;
  • Stress related to the fear that family members, friends or themselves will get sick/infected;
  • Loneliness, anxiety and sadness complicated by physical distance measures;
  • Stigmatization – especially for people infected with the virus;
  • Financial uncertainty and challenges in accessing basic needs;
  • Relationship tensions and domestic violence related to home confinement;
  • Difficult access to health, public and social support;
  • Stress related to uncertainty about the duration of the pandemic, vulnerability to infection, physical differentiation measures and the long-term effects of social and economic turmoil, both locally and globally;
  • Stress as a result of increased media coverage (news of increased risk may increase anxiety; social media can be a source of misinformation).

The experts from the LIKE Project – specialists in the field of psychiatry, political science and clinical psychology, will talk about the topic.


Introduction – Albena Drobachka, LIKE project manager

16:35 “History and perspective of world pandemics”

  • The Justinian plague / VI century /.
  • The Black Death / XIV century /.
  • The Spanish flu / 1918-1920 /.
  • Kovid-19.

Lecturer – Prof. Vladimir Chukov, LIKE project expert, political scientist, lecturer

16:55 “Loneliness and social isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic”

  • Influence of loneliness on mental health.
  • Impact of social isolation in infectious disease.
  • Guidelines for policies and programs to reduce the effects of loneliness and social exclusion among young people.

Lecturer – Dr. Yuri Katsarov, project psychologist, head of the “Consultative Activity” department at the PIC on drug problems

5:15 pm “The situation as a result of COVID-19, mental health and unemployment”

  • Youth unemployment.
  • Mental problems in young people.

Lecturer – Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hristo Hinkov, psychiatrist at the project, director of the National Center for Public Health and Analysis

5:35 pm “Hidden Likes House – a place for creation and belonging”

  • Group activities with animals, arts, sports.
  • Institutional psychotherapy.
  • Psychosocial rehabilitation.

Lecturer – Elka Bozhkova, psychologist at the LIKE project, Alexandrovska University Hospital, Psychiatric Clinic

Anyone can join and ask their questions to the experts. No pre-registration required. More information and a link to the event can be found on the LIKE project Facebook page.