On January 19, 2023, the final conference of the project “L.I.K.E.” was held in Budapest. – “Investment in life is the key to employment” – project results and lessons learned.

The event was organized by the Salva Vita Foundation and Human Profess. The final event was attended by an expert from the Association for Progressive and Open Communication “SPOC”, as part of the project “L.I.K.E. – “Investments in life are the key to employment”, dedicated to the inclusion of young people with mental health problems in the labour market. All interested parties were also welcomed to the conference, which included Hungarian professional organizations, employers, support professionals, young people and family members who pay or support NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training), i.e. young people who do not work and do not receive any form of education or training.

During the closing event, key aspects of working with these young people aged 15-29 were presented. They are often disadvantaged, isolated, suffering from social and mental health problems, have a low level of education or with disabilities, such as without professional help, it is increasingly difficult for them to find work. Also discussed were the lessons and challenges that the L.I.K.E. project encountered through the process of working with young people while supporting them in finding their purpose in life and work.