In the framework of the project L.I.K.E. (Life Investment is the Key to Employment), the Hungarian project partner, Salva Vita Foundation also launched a research on the Hungarian situation, difficulties and living conditions of NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) young people.

In the quantitative part of the research, 205 young people filled out a questionnaire developed by project experts, answering a number of questions such as interests, desires, plans, difficulties, health. Some of them indicated that they would be involved in the later stage of the project or need help in finding a job.

The qualitative pillars of the L.I.K.E. project research included focus group and in-depth interviews, with altogether 45 persons within permanent NEETs’ environment (relatives, family members, friends, guardians etc.) and 14 employers’ representatives.

Focus group and in-depth interviews confirmed that family members need help to improve the situation of NEET youth, and that employers also need support and guidance to recruit, train and retain young people in the workplace.

As Salva Vita managed to gain diverse opinions from employers, relatives, youngsters, other stakeholders during the research, the services to be developed at a later stage of the project could be fully tailored to the needs of the NEET youngsters and employers in the capital.