It is normal to be afraid!

Fear is one of the “most beneficial” emotions to our body and at the same time one of the most negatively perceived. It serves us both to protect ourselves from danger or from something unknown and uncertain, and to adapt to any situation. However, it is useful only when it is controlled.

The turmoil around Covid-19 also causes similar reaction in humans. The fear of the unknown provokes contradictory reactions in everyone, but the anxiety and fright of the future prevail. At one point, it turned out that the number of people whose mental health was severely affected was greater than the number infected with the virus itself. Over time, we began to understand the situation, but the coronavirus still has its impact on everyone’s lives.

How to deal with fear? Accept it and try to understand it. (as hard as it sounds).

  • Start with breathing exercises, meditation and thinking about the situation rationally.
  • Despite the limitations we face, think and learn all the positive things that the virus has brought. For example, time spent with family is priceless, our hectic daily lives slowed down and gave us the opportunity to pay attention to more important things (our relationship with others, our health and our way of life).
  • Do things that make you happy. Hobbies are a nice way to calm down and relieve stress.
  • Taking care of our health and body is a crucial part of managing fear and stress. Because when our body feels good, mental health will also improve. That is why it is important to take care not only of our body, but also of our soul.
  • Be informed, but within normal limits. Do not overload yourself with unnecessary information about the virus, which will lead to additional panic, fear and despair.
  • Do not delude yourself. Sometimes a lot of stress and “false symptoms” are caused by our own thoughts and false beliefs. And in such cases, the most common flu begins to seriously resemble the symptoms of Covid-19. Do not neglect your health, but also do not attribute to yourself symptoms and sensations that you do not have. Because the power of false beliefs is great and we will eventually bring it to ourselves. (or the so-called self-fulfilling prophecy).
  • Learn not to worry about things you can’t change. There are events that are beyond our control and this is completely normal.
  • Do not look for who is to blame for the situation. Neither homeless people nor people from minorities are to blame for the origin and spread of the virus. Do not discriminate them, but show humanity and try to find a way to help them.

These tips (although obvious) will seriously help you control the emotions that rage inside you and give you a different view on the situation. And as a result, the grip of fear loosens and then we accept calmly what lies ahead.

It is important to remember that it is perfectly normal for our bodies and minds to react to the situation. We are different, we experience different emotions, we perceive things differently, but the important thing here is that in the end everything will be fine and these feelings will pass. Be careful with your moods and keep the presence of mind. Everything passes, don`t worry.