The project L.I.K.E. looks at the growing incidence of young people in the age group 15 -29 years old with mental health problems in Europe and the inability of the conventional labor problems to address the specific needs of this target group. The project aims to improve the social inclusion and employment of the target group by studying the status of these young people, developing, experimenting and applying an innovative methodology that meets their needs and engages the whole community – relatives, employers and institutions – in the process. In addition, the broad partnership in the consortium works internationally to find common European solutions for social inclusion and quality and sustainable employment for young people with mental health problems. Experts of some of the best-functioning state-owned social systems such as Norway and Iceland will seek to reduce Europe’s social and economic disparities and build bilateral co-operation in this area. The undergoing of international studies will present the needed data for the creation of an innovative multidimensional approach for involving the target group – young people with mental health problems in the age group 15-29 years old with specific regard to the Roma population. Through the creation of “Hidden Likes” Houses – centers for support, communication and training, the project will achive synergy in building activation, a healthier lifestyle and sustainable employment across Europe among the target group.

The project aims at researching, developing and implementing an innovative methods of motivating and involving young people with mental health problems in the labor market. To accomplish this, “Hidden Likes” Youth Houses will be built – space for these people to receive support, mentoring and understanding by engaging in numerous activities, individualized with their friends and families, and aiming to make them proactive at the labor market. An in-depth study will analyze the reasons for the passivity of the target group on the labor market, as well as collect information to combat social stigma among employers on the topic.  The development of a multilateral approach for long-term support will close the circle and build the needed skills and confideince in the target group through their adaptation on the labor market and beyond. Through implementing the project in partner countries, we will provide a basis for building a global European solution to the problem.

The “Life Investment is the Key to Employment” project is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment.


L.I.K.E. - Life Investment is the Key to Employment

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