Research Phase

The work package aims to provide a perspective for the inclusion of the target group in the labor market, the opportunities they have and the challenges they face; to adapt a working mechanism for engaging the target group and to provide more information to employers about the special needs and unique qualities of these people. Through ongoing work with NEETs on mental health issues, with their friends, families and future employers, a wide range of research issues need to be addressed to create an innovative strategy in the field. In particular, the work package for the research phase will include: conducting interviews and distributing questionnaires between NEETs and their relatives; setting up focus groups, working closely with partners, with particular emphasis on the experience of partners from Norway and Iceland; conducting a national survey in Bulgaria and local surveys in Latvia, Hungary and Ireland; creating a data analysis and a five-step survey report: interests, desires / expectations, concerns, attitudes and benefits. The experience of our Norwegian and Icelandic partners should serve as an occasion for detailed and objective research. Representing one of the best social systems in modern Europe and with a special focus on research and analysis, our Northern European partners will make an important contribution to the overall management and implementation of the project. Conducting in-depth research is aimed at creating a basis for: 1) developing an innovative multidimensional methodology to improve the effectiveness of the target group in the labor market; and 2) conducting information campaigns among employers about the specifics of the target group and the promotion of the topic as a whole.