We all seek peace and happiness in our lives. We achieve this by finding a balance between physical, mental and social well-being. That balance is the basis of a healthy lifestyle. A common and popular expression nowadays, but what does it actually mean?

If we allow ourselves to simplify things with a metaphorical example, we can consider a person’s life as a car that cannot run without fuel. But the quality with which it gets down the road depends on its filters. The filters in our lives are our habits. If we overwhelm our system with bad habits, our lifestyle will not be healthy and as beneficial as possible, but if we replace them with useful ones, the “car” would move faster, better and more pleasantly for us – shortly said -“happiness and peace of mind”.

Bad habits that hinder us and limit our lives:

  • Stress
  • Immobility
  • Excessive use of the internet and video games
  • Abuse of alcohol, drugs, cigarettes
  • Bad eating habits and poor food quality
  • Scarce contact with nature
  • Self-isolation
  • Not getting enough sleep
  • Neglect of own feelings and desires
  • Inactivity
  • Procrastination


All these and many other bad habits creep into our daily lives without us even being aware of them. By removing all these obstacles on our path to happiness, we have to put other, more beneficial habits in their place.

Good habits that improve the quality of life:

  • A full night’s sleep
  • Meditation
  • A diet consistent with the needs of our individual differences
  • Hobbies that are in the field of our interests
  • Investing in our own mental and personal development
  • Socializing with people in whose company we feel comfortable
  • Sports related to our abilities and interests