On September 29th, 2023 an international conference was held in the “Triaditsa” 2 hall at Grand Hotel Sofia, as part of the Project “L.I.K.E. – Life Investment is the Key to Employment” for the inclusion of young people with mental health problems in the labour market. The event is organized by the Association “Sustainability of Progressive and Open Communication” /SPOC/.

Project “L.I.K.E.” – the initiative that united experts from different countries in Europe (Latvia, Norway, Iceland, Bulgaria, Italy), who despite the cross-cultural differences managed to overcome the barriers and shape a common vision for social inclusion and a better future for young people with mental health problems, now brought together all these experts under the same roof to reflect the achieved results of working with the youth to improve the employment status. A total of eight lecturers (including psychologists, psychiatrists, sociologists, PhD students, etc.) from all countries presented their studies, expertise and research projects on topics such as the mental health of young people today, different challenges and factors that influence work ability and employment in certain countries.

This was a unique opportunity for experts to not only exchange good practices, and share knowledge and experience, but also to remind all those present at the event that investments in the lives of young people with mental health problems are not only an obligation of society but also the key to a fairer one, where everyone has the opportunity to develop their potential and be active participants in public life and the economy.