What is SPOC and “Hidden Likes” Youth house? I don’t know the exact meaning behind the letters but I do know the essence of this organization. It’s not just an organization, it’s not just a youth house. The Youth house is family. A family that excepts you despite being different from other people and even more – they love your differences. A family that walks with you every step of the way and offers a solution when you have lost the path, when you are at your lowest, lost desire to live and fight for yourself.

If you are lost, go to Knyaz Boris str. and choose life. Choose it now, today and go to the address. Go to that house and know that people who have chosen life wait for you there; they wait so that they can help you stand on your feet and be there for you until you need them.

In that house reigns peace, everything moves with your pace, you get security, support stability, which at prior moment we have missed, as if irretrievably.

The Youth house is full of love, peace and support. Books whisper from the walls. There, you can be an architect, sculptor, psychologist, doctor, writer, artist, painter or just yourself, the way that you are. Anyone can unfold a hidden talent, or discover a new one. Actually, you get to be exactly who you are in the House. Your words, decisions and choices are important and special to the House once you become a part of it. You can feel the love of the dogs, cats, pigeons, flowers and even the little clay figures, plasticine or wool, made from your hands. You can be an athlete if you want. The sports activities are another challenge in which you can do things according to your capabilities. Once you’ve tried it you are already a winner. Coming to the House turns into your favorite day of the week. When on Friday you can’t wait for Monday to come, from Monday to Tuesday… You already found a great piece of yourself. A piece, where your happiness, interests and love are your first priority. This is a part of the goal, the goal your life to be in your hands. And not just to exist, but to fill every moment of it with sense, desire to learn, need to work. In your own, unique sense. It’s a great joy when you come to the House and be welcomed by the blossoming flowers that you, with your own hands planted. They are already growing and the feeling that the reason they are alive is you makes you feel truly alive. And like every home, the House has its rules. You know which is the most important one? Be happy. You have the right to be happy and to accomplished.

You have to choose every second of the sometimes awful life to be truly happy.

When I first came to the “Hidden Likes” Youth house I still remember the first words that one of the many important, special and unique people and professionals there… She said “Our first job here is for you to smile again, for us to see your smile not just here, but everywhere else”. And you know what? It happened! It really did. Now, writing these words my heart and soul are smiling and I know that I can choose life again and happiness can be a friend of mine. The House, the groups, the people there gave back everything that lost for me. It is already found, I now smile I enjoy life and I am thankful to everyone in that House.

This is what the “Hidden Likes” Youth house gave me. Desire to live, to study, to work!

I will remember those words for the rest of my life “Our task is to make you smile!”

You did it, LIKE “Hidden Likes” House! And you will succeed with every other young person, I am certain!

To the people who have lost all hope, that do not work and are suffering  from mental health problems, to you I say: Do not be afraid! Call the “Hidden Likes” Youth house. The worst that can happen is to overcome yourself. One day you will leave the House and like me, you will be stronger than ever, without fearing life. To overcome myself and my fears is the sweetest and biggest victory which would’ve never been possible without the Youth House.

Thank you! Thank you so much, everyone!

Thank you to the project manager Albena! I love her with all my heart!

Thank you to Yuri Katsarov! He was the best specialist for me!

Thank you to our group therapist Mihaela! She is very special, wonderful person and professional!

Thank you to Monika, who know exactly how to motivate us!

Thank you to dr Petkova for being my favorite doctor!

Thank you, group! I am grateful for spending this time with you!

I love you with all my heart!


Simona, 22, client in the “Hidden Likes” Youth House.