The first and most important thing about sleep is to really feel and understand your individual needs for sufficient sleep duration. “A well-slept body and a rested mind are twice as easy to be woken up.” You will find useful tips and advice below if you have trouble waking up:


  • Create clear and small goals that serve as your reasons for getting out of bed, such as walking the dog, having breakfast with the family, welcoming the sunrise …


  • Put your alarm out of reach from your bed. The best place for this is near the curtains. Open them and let the sunlight into the room. It acts as a natural alarm clock for the brain.


  • Do a short and easy full-body stretch, starting at the ankles, going through all the joints and up to the head.


  • Breakfast is something foreign to many people, but it actually has several significant benefits. It doesn’t have to be heavy, a bowl of yogurt with fruit or an egg is enough… It tells your body that it’s time to be active, gives you energy, helps with focus and even aids in creating body clocks for when it’s morning and time to work. This also facilitates the process of adapting to sleep schedule.