Another seminar for providing support and guidance to parents of children and youth with mental problems was held at the “Hidden Likes” Youth House on the 27th of June. The speaker at the event was Elka Bozhkova – a clinical psychologist with many years of experience and one of the experts for the L.I.K.E project, dedicated to the cause of making a positive impact and change on the lives of families facing mental health challenges.

We believe that transformative results begin with the active involvement of parents in the psychological work with children and adolescents. Their commitment and unwavering support become catalysts for positive change and lasting prosperity. We, therefore, invited parents of children and adolescents with mental health problems to join us in this seminar, designed to provide support, guidance and resources.

The goal was to create a safe environment for sharing where parents feel understood, heard, supported and empowered. The attendees had the opportunity to ask all those questions that have been left unanswered for them and get valuable practical advice to help them deal with difficulties and challenges in different circumstances.