In the current situation after a pandemic, war, economic crisis, the human psyche is more vulnerable and the rate of mental health issues is increasing.

On November 10, 2022, SPOC Association is organizing a seminar for leaders, managers, and human resources specialists, which aims to help leading management with information on how to deal with situations when an employee has mental health issues. The lecturer at the seminar was Elka Bojkova, a clinical psychologist and expert to the L.I.K.E. project.

The following questions were discussed at the seminar: How managers can effectively deal with an employee with possible mental health problem and how important it is to react adequately; How to manage employees with mental health problems?; How can employees be encouraged to talk to their manager about their mental health problems?; The causes of work stress; Appropriate policies, procedures and information that can be put in place for employees regarding mental health and wellbeing; The need for human connection for a good work environment.