SPOC has been working for a long time on target groups (difficult youths, people with mental health problems, employers ‘and employees’ relationships, campaigns) to introduce innovative systems and legislative initiatives. The lead organization, together with its partner organizations, aims to develop an effective innovative approach that can be implemented at a European level and in different cultural contexts. The Icelandic and Norwegian expert partners increase the consortium’s overall experience and strengthen the links between donor countries and EEA countries. Coming from countries with well-developed social systems, these organizations will not only be useful in the research part of the project but will provide fruitful know-how about the ways in which the target issue faces in their countries.

Partner organizations include countries with a different social profile and cultural background: the former Soviet republic of Latvia; the market economy preserved during socialism – Hungary; Ireland as an example of a developed European country in this field, thus illustrating the current social diversity in Europe. The implementation of the project should be done on the basis of cooperation, providing for each partner to contribute with their experience. Focusing its work on young people with eating disorders, the Irish partner has know how, considering one very specific category of NEETs. The experience of our Latvian partner in social enterprise management will be used to create the Houses. The implementation phase will be enriched by the Hungarian partner – a leading organization for hiring people from the target group. The Italians will conduct an on-site assessment due to their experience in the assessment of social research and the introduction of innovative approaches. That is why this consortium provides a wider perspective on the means to address the problem and a clearly stated role that is able to combine the expertise of each partner.