Work stress is familiar to everyone. Several causes lead to stressful situations. Stress has a tremendous negative impact on the work process, well-being and health.

Stress and anxiety are common problems in adults. They can manifest in many different forms, with work being the most common cause. Poor social working conditions, poor work management and poor organisation and planning often lead to psychosocial risks.

A variety of factors can cause work stress:

– Unclear job/position;

– Poor management and organisational changes;

– Short deadlines;

– Too much workload;

– Perfectionism;

– Disregard for the worker, disregard for their opinion;

– Inappropriate work, perceived meaninglessness of the work;

– Lack of communication;

– Lack of support from colleagues and supervisors;

– Psychological bullying;

– Seeking control over any situation;

– Problematic family relationships;

– Lack of hobbies or free time.

Usually, work stress and other types of stress are associated with the inability to cope with some circumstances.

The thought that we have lost control of the situation, that something is happening to us, independently of us, something is happening to us, and we will not be able to carry on as before. The very thought of change creates uncertainty, and all uncertainty represents a certain amount of stress.